I am not very learned in the realm of ai and coding, but want to try to learn! There's a specific type of model I'm looking for but don't know how to find.

I want to see if ai can predict the chances different enemies in a simple turn-based combat game have of dodging an attack. Assuming all of my fighters have the same stats (they do) and the enemies have consistently the same stats (true if I only use data from one type of enemy), there is a set % chance of them dodging vs. not. I want to see if inputting the occurrence and order of the dodges can allow the ai to detect any sort of pattern to better predict if it will or will not happen.

The input could likely just be 0 or 1 (meaning no dodge or dodge), put in the correct order? I just have no experience with coding, I could learn running a model fairly quickly but finding a way to learn for this specific project has been frustrating. Any advice or directions would help a lot!


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