(2.1c) on p.1130 of the original paper on regret matching states that $$ D_t^i(j,k) = \frac{1}{t} \sum_{\tau=1}^t \big[ u^i(k,s_\tau^{-j}) - u^i(s_\tau) \big] \;. $$

At the end of page 5 of this tutorial from CMU seems to mean that $$ D_t^i(j,k) = \frac{1}{t} \sum_{\tau=1}^t \big[ u^i(k,s_\tau^{-j}) - \sum_{n=1}^N x_\tau^n u^i(n,s_\tau^{-n}) \big] \;, $$ where $X_\tau = (x_\tau^1,\cdots,x_\tau^N)$ is the mixed strategy, i.e., a PMF at time $\tau$. The notation is modified to fit the original paper.

Or, in the notation of the tutorial, the paper has $$ r^t = \sum_{\tau=1}^t \big( l^\tau - u(s_\tau) \vec{1} \big)\;, $$ where $u(s_\tau) $ is the reward received at time $\tau$, while the tutorial has $$ r^t = \sum_{\tau=1}^t \big( l^\tau - <l^\tau,x^\tau> \vec{1} \big) \;. $$

Where did I get wrong?

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