If you pair parents with their children (with a cross-over) does this prevent making individuals which are more fit or does this cause other side effects which are harmful to the genetic process?

I can provide any specifics about my concrete program but don't know what is relevant (and cannot write the whole setup here).

EDIT: As I think I figured out the answer myself I'll add the information that I think is relevant,

if I'm wrong, and you'd need more information, don't hesitate to ask (I check stack exchange quite often and am always pleased to communicate).

The relevant information:

2 parents create 2 children with a random 10-point cross-over.

The 10 points get chosen out of 700 lines of dna.

(See my answer for more information.)

  • $\begingroup$ I assume that, in your case, children are derived from parents by applying a mutation to the parents. Right? $\endgroup$
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Children pairing with their parents has a chance of harming the genetic process:

If a child pairs with one of it's parents it's possible to have identical fit individuals who pair with each other (and produce identical individuals, so stalling the genetic process).

This chance is still existing, but diminishes drastically if children are not allowed to be paired with their parents (but still with their grandparents).

In that case a grandchild has dna of 4 different individuals, so it's still possible to have a cross-over which is identical to itself, but chances are very slim and are very unlikely to harm the genetic process.


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