I am new to this community and not even too sure if this is the right place for such a question.

I want to know how I could implement (possibly with already made solutions) a system which could take in a (possibly long winded) text file and deduct from there, events and meetings which a user could add (similar to what Siri does when it finds a possible event).

Is there something for this that already exists?

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If you're fine training a model of your own, I would suggest try building a NER prediction model on your data. It would help to start with a certain type of data which follows similar pattern throughout. Once you're confident, you can extend it to many more patterns.

Or if you're lucky and find pre-trained NER models to be able to identify the event-date relationships already, you can just use them out-of-the-box.

Interestingly, I tried some QA models to simply ask the event & time of event given some context, and deepset/roberta-base-squad2 works pretty well for simple examples.

Context: I have a flight to catch at 6 AM tomorrow.

Question: What is the topic of event?
Answer: a flight to catch at 6 AM tomorrow

What is the date of event?
6 AM tomorrow

Context: The next set of features are scheduled to be discussed at meeting on 25th Dec 2022.

Question: What is the topic of event?
Answer: The next set of features

Question: What is the date of event?
Answer: 25th Dec 2022

Of course your data could be very different, but the pre-trained models should be a good starting point for ideas.


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