I have a question regarding Answer Set Programming on how to make an existing fact invalid, when there is already (also) a default statement present in the Knowledge Base.

For example, there are two persons seby and andy, one of them is able to drive at once. The scenario can be that seby can drive as seen in Line 3 but let's say, after his license is cancelled he cannot drive anymore, hence we now have Lines 4 to 7 and meanwhile andy learnt driving, as seen in Line 7. Line 6 shows only one person can drive at a time, besides showing seby and andy are not the same.

1 person(seby).
2 person(andy).
3 drives(seby).
4 drives(seby) :- person(seby), not ab(d(drives(seby))), not -drives(seby).
5 ab(d(drives(seby))).
6 -drives(P) :- drives(P0), person(P), P0 != P.
7 drives(andy).

In the above program, Lines 3 and 4 contradict with each other, and the Clingo solver (which I use) obviously outputs UNSATISFIABLE.

Having said all these, deleting Line 3 and getting the problem solved is not what I'm epecting. The intention behind asking this question is to know whether it is possible now to make Line 3 somehow invalid to let Line 4 do its duty.

However, Line 4 can also be written as:

4 drives(P) :- person(P), not ab(d(drives(P))), not -drives(P).

Thanks a lot in advance.



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