i'm having some trouble understanding how does the basic building block of a SCINet works. In the paper the author describes the SCI-block with the following figure:


In which $\phi$, $\theta$, $\eta$ and $\rho$ are convolutional filters with the following architecture:

Convolutional filter structure

All this is described with the equations below: Odd and even equations

What I understood is that the splitted sequences go through a gated linear unit (GLU) in order to control what information is passed from the complementary sequence. This creates $F_{odd}^{s}$ and $F_{even}^{s}$ which now contain relevant features from their complementary sequence.

However, I can't seem to understand why these enhanced sequences are further projected onto two additional hidden states with filters $\rho$ and $\eta$ in order to substract or add them to their complementary sequence. Why is this step added?

If this is a common practice in neural networks i'd be glad to know it's name and if you could point me to some reference that would be great. Thanks in advance!



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