I would like to combine GANs and NLP to create a system that can take an input and generate an appropriate output. For example, given the input 9 to the power of 2, the system would output pow(9,2).

I am not entirely sure how to research this, but I can provide some examples of what I am trying to accomplish.


Input: 2 * 5

Output: mul(2,5)

Input: (5*3) + 9 / 7

Output: sum(mul(5,3),div(9,7))

My ultimate goal is to combine AI with programming to give artificial intelligence the ability to use many computer functions. For example, it could retrieve the current date with Date.now() or use ParalelAICapture.getSubject() to identify what is currently in front of it.

Actually, code suggestion algorithms are giving me somewhat similar results to what I am looking for, but they are a bit blurry for my goal. Therefore, I will use input and output templates for more precise results.

Can someone please explain how to achieve this and provide some examples?



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