I am faimilar with extracting the high-level features from any pretrained model for classification problem such as ResNet version, VGG, etc. It is easy to extract the features because there is a fully connected layer after the convolutional layers and the high-level features are usually extracted from the penultimate layer (the output of neurons of the layer before softmax layer).

Today, I spent a lot of time to understand how I can extract the high-level features from YOLOv5.

Firstly, I want to ask please, how do the high-level features look like? I mean what is the shape of the features, because I do not see any fully connected layer in the repository here.

Second question, from which layer should I extract the features of final predicted objects?

Thank you so much for any help! I am really stuck for a long time. :(

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Set export = True at the yolo head. If the net is the AutoShape instance, you can achieve it by:

m = net.model.model.model[-1] if net.dmb else net.model.model[-1]
m.export = False  # Allow obtaining features after detection/segmentation head

Also, you might need to fix non maxima suppression to pass the correct features.


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