I'm looking for innovative methods or tools that leverage natural language processing (NLP) to transform web content into an interactive Q&A format. NLP has gotten so good that I no longer program (NLP) with my hands, and I believe it can make online content more engaging, akin to the programmed learning approach used in books like Quick Calculus and Little Schemer (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Programmed_learning).

Current experiments with large language models (LLMs) to generate questions and answers have shown limitations:

  • Tedious manual copy-pasting
  • Token limitations
  • Irrelevant or unhelpful questions
  • Loss of original formatting
  • Potential hallucinations

I'm seeking an NLP-based solution with the following characteristics:

  • User-friendly, preferably as a browser extension
  • Quick activation via click or keyboard shortcut
  • No token limit
  • Generation of meaningful questions
  • Integration of questions with corresponding answers
  • Preservation of the original webpage's appearance
  • Use of existing text for answers

Based on previous suggestions, I've considered an approach that involves:

  1. Extracting webpage text using Mozilla's Readability
  2. Generating questions with Haystack's QuestionGenerator
  3. Locating answers using Haystack's Reader
  4. Inserting questions and answers into the webpage's DOM

However, I'm eager to explore alternative ideas and techniques. Are there other NLP-powered tools or methodologies that could effectively accomplish this objective? I appreciate any insights or recommendations!



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