I'm working on a system which reads large data from Excel and tries to interpret something from it. If it doesn't understand something, the user will correct it and slowly system will learn and try to do everything itself. Is there any AI SaaS or anything that can help in this?

The use case is, I'm reading bank statements from different banks and they all have different types of narration for similar transactions. I want to put them all into an accounting software without any human intervention.


From my understanding you are referring to two different but related innovative workplace systems. These are Automated Data Capture and Entry and Document Automation.

Businesses generate massive amounts of documents such as receipts, invoices, contracts, memo's, minutes, reports e.t.c. The information from the above documents is then to be entered into different software i.e. Accounting, Payroll, Excell and the web portal. Without a doubt data entry and document management can be a time consuming and tedious task in many modern offices.

Automated Data Entry and Document Automation can help reduce the amount of time that employees spend on data entry and managing documents. This improves the speed and accuracy of work at the workplace.

The above systems work by combining OCR technology with AI. When a document is scanned, it is initially just an image file because computers cannot distinguish text characters from the background image. With OCR software you can extract text from a document. As a result the document becomes searchable and easier to work with. Document automation software can then enter the information into a spreadsheet or other software automatically.

Some players in this field include Softworks (Automated Data Entry), Xtracta (Automated Data Entry and Document Automation) and Dynamic AI. Intuit also has a paperless productivity bundle that includes equipment such as the ScanSnap scanner (Automated Data Capture) and Intuit Hubdoc (Document Automation).


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