In lec5 of Sergey Levine's CS258 on RL, I can understand the derivation of the causality simplification of on-polciy version below (page 17).

enter image description here

But what is the detial of the derivation of the last line in the PPT below (page 25)? enter image description here

It seems that the cumulative reward term and the importance ratio term cannot be decompled and handled one by one.

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While this may be apparent to many, I'll provide an answer anyway.

In a nutshell, 2 steps:

  1. Bring the distribution from $\theta$ to $\theta '$ to cancel the importance ratio term. Use causality to simplify the cumulative reward term to reward-to-go. Details can be found here, which utilized Expected Grad-Log-Prob Lemma.
  2. Bring the distribution back to $\theta$. Use distribution law and the definition of marginal distribution to get the final formula.


\begin{align} &\mathop{\mathbb{E}}_{\tau\sim \theta}\left[ \left( \prod_{t=1}^{T} \frac{\pi_{\theta '}(a_t|s_t)}{\pi_{\theta }(a_t|s_t)} \right)\left(\sum_{t=1}^{T}\nabla_{\theta'}\log \pi_{\theta '}(a_t|s_t) \right) \sum_{t=1}^{T}r(s_t,a_t)\right] \\ =&\mathop{\mathbb{E}}_{\tau\sim \theta '}\left[\left(\sum_{t=1}^{T}\nabla_{\theta'}\log \pi_{\theta '}(a_t|s_t)\right) \sum_{t=1}^{T}r(s_t,a_t)\right] \\ =& \mathop{\mathbb{E}}_{\tau\sim \theta '}\left[\sum_{t=1}^{T}\left(\nabla_{\theta'}\log \pi_{\theta '}(a_t|s_t) \sum_{t'=t}^{T}r(s_{t'},a_{t'})\right)\right] \tag{causility} \\ =& \sum_{t=1}^{T} \sum_{t'=t}^{T} \mathop{\mathbb{E}}_{\tau\sim \theta '} \left[\nabla_{\theta'}\log \pi_{\theta '}(a_t|s_t)r(s_{t'},a_{t'}) \right] \tag{distribution law}\\ =& \sum_{t=1}^{T} \sum_{t'=t}^{T} \mathop{\mathbb{E}}_{\tau\sim \theta} \left[\prod_{{t''}=1}^{T} \frac{\pi_{\theta '}(a_{t''}|s_{t''})}{\pi_{\theta }(a_{t''}|s_{t''})} \nabla_{\theta'}\log \pi_{\theta '}(a_t|s_t)r(s_{t'},a_{t'}) \right]\\ =& \sum_{t=1}^{T} \sum_{t'=t}^{T} \mathop{\mathbb{E}}_{\tau\sim \theta} \left[\prod_{{t''}=1}^{t'} \frac{\pi_{\theta '}(a_{t''}|s_{t''})}{\pi_{\theta }(a_{t''}|s_{t''})} \nabla_{\theta'}\log \pi_{\theta '}(a_t|s_t)r(s_{t'},a_{t'}) \right] \tag{marginal distribution}\\ =& \mathop{\mathbb{E}}_{\tau\sim \theta} \left[\sum_{t=1}^{T} \nabla_{\theta'}\log \pi_{\theta '}(a_t|s_t)\sum_{t'=t}^{T} \prod_{{t''}=1}^{t'} \frac{\pi_{\theta '}(a_{t''}|s_{t''})}{\pi_{\theta }(a_{t''}|s_{t''})} r(s_{t'},a_{t'}) \right]\\ =& \mathop{\mathbb{E}}_{\tau\sim \theta} \left[\sum_{t=1}^{T} \nabla_{\theta'}\log \pi_{\theta '}(a_t|s_t)\prod_{{t''}=1}^{t} \frac{\pi_{\theta '}(a_{t''}|s_{t''})}{\pi_{\theta }(a_{t''}|s_{t''})}\sum_{t'=t}^{T} r(s_{t'},a_{t'})\prod_{{t''}=t}^{t'} \frac{\pi_{\theta '}(a_{t''}|s_{t''})}{\pi_{\theta }(a_{t''}|s_{t''})} \right] \\ \end{align}


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