Which problems are considered to be the toughest problems in Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning?


There are many problems with the help of AI we could move to a solution.

An example that I found incredible is in Brazil, where a group of friends decided to create an AI to monitor the transactions of the politicians. They called it the Serenata de Amor and today they show to the whole world various scams and money being used for personal purposes and not how it should be used.


There is a big difference between thefts that replace human work and Artificial Intelligence. An artificial intelligence can rather replace human labor, but its capacity goes much further. Today an AI can discover new ways of working, finding more productive ways to accomplish tasks. Learning from mistakes should be a human task. But an AI takes it very seriously.

In conclusion, anything you think might be better, which could be more productive, which is limited by relying on humans, is a problem that can be solved by an AI.


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