I am looking to learn Ai/Machine learning during my spare and need advice on tools used / What to read / How one can integrate machine learning with a simple website for user feedback

.Net Web Application in C#
A simple website that a user can use to to track their fitness information... i.e One inputs weight (at the end of the day), diet (food eaten, calorie counting), exercises done for the day (calories burned). kind of like myfitnesspal.com in a way. From then on wards a user can view charts of their weight tracking to check/analyse progress of weight gain / weight loss etc. for example on user creation, one will insert a target goal to reach

Target - 69kg
Current - 85kg

So they most likely want to track how far they are from their target weight loss on a day to day / weekly / monthly basis. So chart info in user's dashboard will show progress towards that goal. You get the idea... simple enough right?

Image example of information relayed to user from their daily input

Now say I want to attach a more intelligent hands off system that can analyse the user's data and provide feedback / advice on how improve or change habits from all the user's input over a period. Determine positive consistent patterns (or negative consistent patterns) with regards to them achieving their desired goal. Be it weight loss / bulking up / weight maintenance.

PYTHON seems to be coming up a lot when I google this, but none specific information on how to exactly go about this as in to attach python data analysis script/application to the .net site (could be PHP site or whatever).

What are my options here? Am I looking for Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning or Data Analysis. Whats my starting point or more popular tools to use with plenty of resources that one can have a look at. Creating the site isn't an issue.. its the more intelligent data analysis side that I want to dive into. F# has been mentioned here and there, but more posts seem to point out that there's more support or people using PYTHON which keeps popping up again and again.

At the most basic level, what I hope to learn/achieve if for the intelligent side of the system to give feedback like

Machine response: (from weekly/monthly view)
"Your most efficient days of losing weight were on day X when you did exercise A and B, but you could maximize your progress if you ate food X from day C."

I do realize there there would be some Data Science involved to let the application know about healthy habits / healthy foods for weight loss etc.

So in general, if one has a .net site and learns machine learning / ai.. how do I attach this to my site. What tools are mostly used? Do I learn machine learning in Python and roll with the flow? There doesn't seem to be information that can guide a learner diving into this sort of implementation. Any advice on the path to take will be greatly appreciated.

Help me Obi-Wan-Stackexchange, you are my only hope.

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