I have been searching for information regarding industry accepted certifications in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, NLP, deep learning. I couldn't find much information after searching. Could anyone please share, if you are aware of any certifications in these areas.

P.S: I am not looking for course certifications but rather something along the lines of AWS Certifications, OCJP, etc.


A while ago, the question was asked at Quora What are the best artificial Intelligence certifications?. The following institutions are providing certificates:

  • companies like Microsoft
  • classical universities likes Columbia University and M.I.T.
  • newly founded education service companies like Udacity

In every case, a high-ranking powerful institution is creating the lecture content and gives the certificate. The question is, if we should trust these companies or not. For example, to get a certificate from the M.I.T. university the participant must attend many years in courses. A phd career costs easily 100k US$ and more. Often, the certificate is connected strongly with the personal biography and professional job. For example, if someone is employed in an AI related job, his skills are high and Vice Versa. I would guess that programming the autonomous car at Uber or be a lead-programmer in the Facebook AI team is equal to have all needed certificates.

Another question are the skills in theoretical AI. Programming the sourcecode, is in most cases not enough to bring AI forward. What the community needs are new papers, which were uploaded to Arxiv and other Open Access repositories. In the classical educational landscape, publishing a paper is only possible if someone has a phd-title. Or to make the point clear: if someone has not published a paper at Arxiv, he is not a certified AI-engineer.


Artificial Intelligence is an current emerging technological trend. Almost all organizations are adopting AI technology today as a result there is a multi fold increase in the demand for Artificial Intelligence professionals.

So,If you want to make a career in AI.This would be the best time.

Here are the list of some best AI certifications:

Artificial Intelligence Engineer Certification : By Artificial Intelligence Board of America


Artificial Intelligence from Columbia University


In my analysis, the Industry prefers the following credentials to verify if someone has knowledge on AI, ML, NLP and related technologies. The order of preference is as follows:

  • A Graduate or Doctoral degree from an university with relevant curriculum (not just Data Science, but rather Applied Statistics or doctorate in NLP / ML etc.)
  • Contribution to open source community of tools in this area
  • Your writings / Kaggle ranking / papers / conference presentations / GitHub repos etc.

While it is relatively easy to understand these technologies and practical applications; it takes a lot of practice to master the art of arriving at the optimal solution.


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