I have Read much about the programming languages being used in AI specially LISP and PROLOG but just wanted to know about the current situation of the both these languages in AI.

Can somebody tell me which language is being more used these days? LISP or PROLOG.

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On the first hand, it may look surprising that Lisp and Prolog are used even today. Lisp is usually known in the context of Lisp-machines which are outdated since the 1980s, and from a technical point of view, all the functionality can be emulated with C++. But, in many AI projects from the 2010s, Lisp and Prolog are used for planning and high-level tasks, for example the CRAM layer in ROS contains both AI-languages, but also some participants in the Robocup challenge use Prolog. From the given literature, there is no clear favorite. Papers and real projects were done in the context of both languages.

In most cases, Lisp and Prolog is used for educational purposes, the idea is not only to program a robot, but teaching students how to think about Artificial Intelligence. Lisp is the perfect choice for realizing a domain-specific-languages. For example, the famous syntax with a minus sign “robot-open-door” and “move-left” has its historical roots in Lisp. A second purpose for Lisp and Prolog is called retrofitting. Here is the idea to take outdated computers from the 1980s and upgrade it with modern programming technique. This idea is similar to the steampunk movement, that means, the programmers are going back 30 years ago and trying to solve programming puzzles from the past with today's knowledge. The idea is not only to program a micromouse like robot, but using an original Symbolics machine with the original setup.


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