I am looking to train a chatbot that can help me relieve stress and deal with my negative emotions. I would like for the chatbot to be like the ones that pass the Turing test, remain professional, yet caring, and still be useful. I do not want my chatbot to become too general and unable to take the specific actions like recommending resources and providing general advice that I need it to. My two approaches are to manually train the chatbot with expected intents and expressions it would need to understand or use a custom deep learning model on conversational data. I think I have the right data to train the chatbot on, but I am not sure if this is the right approach. Any help on the direction to take the chatbot in would be helpful.


I'm just giving you a glimpse

Basic Chabots are easy to design,however,a chatbot that is willing to have artificial intelligence capabilities becomes complex given by user requirements.

Since you already have data to train your Chabot,there are various tools and services on the web that other bot designers nor developer have so far used.So it depends on what technology stack you would like to use for instance; you can use programming tools like java,python,JavaScript and nodejs bindings among others.

Concerning frameworks,which can also be of benefit for your plans/development;




for your information

You can join Chabot and artificial intelligence groups via Slack,it's a global community to stay updated with latest happenings in the bot world and also learn from other bot enthusiasts from all over the world.

Hope this helps.


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