The German research initiative “Sonderforschungsbereich 588” was active from 2001-2012 and has developed a humanoid robot, called ARMAR. According to the old pictures, the first version ARMAR I was not very highly developed, while the latest iteration (ARMAR IV) was a near humanoid robot with arms, legs and a software defined cognitive architecture.

How many researchers were involved in the project? Thousands of programmers, researchers and external companies? No, according to the fact sheet the total number of employees was only 30 (thirty).

If it is possible to build and program a humanoid kitchen robot with such a small team, what would be possible with many more researchers?

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    $\begingroup$ Without a time, budget, number of researchers and their associated skill level this question is impossible to answer well. $\endgroup$ – Joe S Jun 18 '18 at 14:43

I can only refer you to the wisdom contained in the Tao of Programming:

A manager went to the Master Programmer and showed him the requirements document for a new application. The manager asked the Master: "How long will it take to design this system if I assign five programmers to it?"

"It will take one year," said the Master promptly.

"But we need this system immediately or even sooner! How long will it take if I assign ten programmers to it?"

The Master Programmer frowned. "In that case, it will take two years."

"And what if I assign a hundred programmers to it?"

The Master Programmer shrugged. "Then the design will never be completed," he said.
Tao of Programming 3.4 (MIT)

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