While am thinking about the age of Artificial General Intelligence and Artificial SuperIntelligence , this question came into my mind. This Bell Labs blog post says:

"...where humanity is displaced by the self-aware robots that rule the world..."

Humans tend to have a sense of self (self awareness), and this works effectively at maturity. However, at the young stage, a human child lacks a sense of self, so the child is guided by the environment; learning from it as time goes on. Also at this same stage, the child faces some consequences, for example:

  1. No sense of direction or transition.
  2. No sense of purpose, etc.

At the old stage (the natural being has grown up), its sense of self tries to generate its priorities, for example:

  1. knows when to stand.
  2. where to go, as its goals are set.

Here is my concern or point of view concerning artificial life:

Can an Artificial Being, lacking self-awareness, learn from its environment just like natural beings do?

Note: Any references/papers/theories will be appreciated.