I'm using the k-means algorithm from the scikit-learn library, and the values I want to cluster are in a pandas dataframe with 3 columns: ID value_1 and value_2.

I want to cluster the information using value_1 and value_2, but I also want to keep the ID associated with it (so I can create a list of IDs in each cluster).

What's the best way of doing this? Currently it clusters using the ID number as well and that's not the intention.

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Assuming your three columns data (data label included) is stored in array "a" (numpy).

1) extract data values only, removing the data label, into new array b:

b=a[:,np.array([1, 2])]

2) classify "b" using KMeans/kmeans.predict/... . Result is an array of class labels, it keeps original order of samples.


3) rejoin original data and class labels


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