I am doing a research on above cited topic but I am stuck with how to actually start the project on this. What tools are required for this kind of project? What resources are required to do project on this?

  • $\begingroup$ Hi Himanshu, welcome to Computer Science Educators! Unfortunately, this isn't the right forum for this sort of question. We're basically a forum of teachers talking about how to improve our classroom technique. (Take a look around and you'll see what I mean). I'm migrating this question to our sister site, Artificial Intelligence, where I suspect it will fit in a little better. Good luck! $\endgroup$ – Ben I. Sep 26 '18 at 10:32
  • $\begingroup$ Thank you, sir and I will take care next time. $\endgroup$ – HIMANSHU PAL Feb 9 '19 at 14:21

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