Gist: Should I use LISP for a part of the following project. What are the other options.

Me and a friend are planning to create a 3D Modelling Agent where a designer can :-

  • Specify constrains on how the model can be (Eg: Model cannot be more than 8 inches wide, model has to have 2 holes on top, etc).
  • Provide 2D images for "inspiring" the agent to prefer certain forms.

From what I can fathom, the first part seems to pertain to symbolic AI (Deterministic Constraints Satisfaction) and the second part pertains to Fuzzy AI (some form of 3DGAN???). I have studied FOL and planning systems, although I have never implemented one. I am learning ML and NN on the side.

We plan on using the Unity Game Engine since it has a lot of tools related to 3D Environments built in, like Vertex Modelling, a Rendering Pipeline and even ML Agents.

Coming to my question, should I use LISP for the Symbolic AI part? What about Prolog? Or should I prefer to use user-developed FOL and CSP libraries for C# (Since Unity Game Engine uses C#)?


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