I am working on the blockchain technology and I am not very familiar with the AI concept.

The proposal of this web page: (http://www.euraxess.lu/jobs/349354) opens a discussion about use of nature inspired artificial intelligent methods for traceability chain decision in blockchain technology as an alternative to current consensus mechanisms. It continues as follows:

"It has been demonstrated that using traceability chain is a more effective method. In traceability chain, since the mechanism has to trace related information among participant’s nodes across the entire chain, the extraction and recognition of the data features plays a crucial role in improving the efficiency of the process."

However, it does not give any example to demonstrate an instance of this approach. So, I searched in google.scholar and any ordinary web pages to find only an instance similar to this approach since it has mentioned: "It has been demonstrated that using traceability chain is a more effective method." (Please read the web page)

Is someone here familiar with this approach? And if yes, Is there any article/example to explain a more about this approach of consensus in blockchain? And what does exactly mean "traceability chain"? And also ingeneral, can we call this approach as a consensus? The text is not really clear to me.

Please not that I have no idea about this proposal and just I'd like to know if it's practicable? or it's buzzwords?

Also, may this approach related to the approach that has been mentioned in this answer (Swarm Intelligence): https://ai.stackexchange.com/a/1315/19910 Or it is a different concept?

Thanks for your help



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