Can someone suggest an AI approach to moving blocks, one at a time, assuming control of an robotic arm, to get from the initial state on the left to the final state on right, preferably using goal stack planning.


  • Pickup() — to pick up a block from table only

  • Putdown — to putdown a block on table only

  • Unstack — unstack a block from another block

  • Stack — stack a block on another clear block only

property functions

  • On(x,y)

  • Above(x,y)

  • Table(x)

  • Clear(x)

enter image description here


Your best bet would be to formulate the problem in PDDL, which should be fairly easy, and then use a standard planner to generate a plan from that description.

In PDDL you describe the properties and the possible actions, the start state and the goal state, and the planner will then take this to produce a sequence of actions that leads from the start state to the goal state. There is a planner available on-line that you can use.


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