I need a phone or device I can talk to as if I had no hands or sight. I need to be able to tell my phone to read my text, "tell me who called me in the last hour (or whatever)" then it tells me who the number is registered to using the internet. Most important I want the AI to understand me the first time I say it. There are more facets to the AI I would need to be able to do without ever touching the phone.

Is there anything out there like that I can carry with me?

  • Since you require a voice-operated system, the first thing you will need is a speech-to-text converter. A good speech-to-text engine would be able to recognize words properly and thereby increasing the user-friendliness. A normal person could not create or train it. These engines are provided by Google Cloud.
  • Next thing, is an intelligent system which would classify the command and perform tasks automatically. You can use Bayes text classification in it.
  • The last thing is a text-to-speech engine. If you are using an Android device, it comes as an inbuilt function.

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