I have a steady hex-map and turn-based wargame featuring WWII carrier battles

On a given turn, a player may choose different and independent actions 
(moving one, two naval unit, assigning a mission to an air unit, changing some battle parameters, reorganizing naval task forces etc…).

Usually, boardgames deals mainly with one action (Go, chess) or very few (Backgammon).

Here the player may select - Several actions - The actions are of different nature - Each action getting some variants (strength, payload, destination)

How to approach this problem ?

enter image description here enter image description here Found this article of interest https://project.dke.maastrichtuniversity.nl/games/files/msc/Roelofs_thesis.pdf


The following article seems to provide a piece of answer https://project.dke.maastrichtuniversity.nl/games/files/msc/Roelofs_thesis.pdf

Several algorithm cab be used - NMC - LSI - MCTS HE - MCTS DE

the idea is to divide and conquer. Take the dimension one by one for the exploration in order to contain the branching factor

enter image description here

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