Is an artificial intelligence a program (or a set of programs) or an hardware?

  • $\begingroup$ Artificial Intelligence can be defined in contrast to what is a non-AI system. Non-AI subjects are grounded in computer science too, for example database applications, cpu design, operating systems, computer games which are played by humans and compiler construction. Because hardware is located inside normal computer science, it's not AI. So the consequence is, that AI is a program but not hardware. $\endgroup$ – Manuel Rodriguez Dec 27 '18 at 12:48

AI or Artificial Intelligence is nothing but intelligence but in its artificial form. Intelligence comes from formation of rules and patterns in the data which is seen or on which it is trained.

  1. For us, we programme or formulate these rules in Mathematics on which an Intelligence is created.

  2. Ex. A neural network shows a lower level of Intelligence. It is created using basic rules of mathematics like gradient descent, derivatives and other arithmetic stuff.

  3. These rules need a base to form themselves. Here's where computers come in. They run these rules on which intelligence thrives in binary ( or quantum sometimes ).

  4. But, every bit of information acquires physical space for processing and storage. Here's where hardware comes. Hardware provides the container in which information will be processed.

Hence, for an complete AI system, computer programmes provide a soul whereas hardware provides a body/physical form for the soul.

Since, only AI is concerned, it may run on any hardware as it is a software or program or a set of mathematical rules in binary state. Hence AI is a program.


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