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Why is the convolution layer called Conv2D?

When I build a convolution layer for image processing, the filter parameters should have 3 dimensions, (filter_length, filter_width, color_depth) is that correct? ...
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2 answers

How is the depth of the input related to the depth of the output of a convolutional layer? [duplicate]

Let's suppose I have an image with 16 channels that goes to a convolutional layer, which has 3 trainable $7 \times 7$ filters, so the output of this layer has depth 3. How does the convolutional layer ...
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2D models on 3D tasks (convolutions): simple replace?

2D tasks enjoy a vast backing of successful models that can be reused. For convolutions, can one simply replace 2D operations with 3D counterparts and inherit their benefits? Any 'extra steps' to ...
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What do people refer to when they use the word 'dimensionality' in the context of convolutional layer?

In practical applications, we generally talk about three types of convolution layers: 1-dimensional convolution, 2-dimensional convolution, and 3-dimensional convolution. Most popular packages like ...