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Questions tagged [accuracy]

For questions related to the accuracy metric/measure, which is the number of correct predictions divided by the total number of predictions.

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Choosing Data Augmentation smartly for different application

I'm trying to understand the role of data augmentation and how it can affect the performance/accuracy of a deep model. My target application is fire detection (on video frames), with almost 15K ...
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Is the neural network 100% accurate on training data if epoch loss is minimized to 0?

This seems like a silly, trivial question, but I just want to confirm it in case I'm missing something. I'm trying to train a ReLU neural network, which is supposed to be a function that satisfies ...
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What are possible ways to combat overfitting or improve the test accuracy in my case?

I have asked a question here, and one of the comments suggested that this is a case of severe overfitting. I made a neural network, which uses residual boosting (which is done via a KNN), and I am ...
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Could I just choose the other (non-predicted) class when the accuracy is low?

I have a binary classification problem. My neural network is getting between 10% and 45% accuracy on the validation set and 80% on the training set. Now, if I have a 10% accuracy and I just take the ...
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