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Questions tagged [active-learning]

For questions related to active learning, which is a machine learning technique where the user is interactively queried to label certain unlabelled training examples.

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Output Not Changing - Feeding Previous Outputs Back Into a Model

Full disclosure, I also posted this on Stack Overflow I have put a more theory based bent towards the question itself here I have a simple model in pytorch based on the quickstart except instead of a ...
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Active Learning regression with Random Forest

I have a dataset of about 8k points and I am trying to employ active learning with the random forest regressor. I have split the dataset to train and ...
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classification of unseen classes of image in open set classification

I have a scanned image, and they need to be classified in one of the pre-defined image classes, so that it can be sorted. However, the problem is the open nature of the classes. At testing time, new ...
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What are good techniques for continuous learning in production?

I was wondering which AI techniques and architectures are used in environments that need predictions to continually improve by the feedback of the user. So let's take some kind of recommendation ...
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What is the difference between active learning and online learning?

The definitions for these two appear to be very similar, and frankly, I've been only using the term "active learning" the past couple of years. What is the actual difference between the two? ...
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Is it possible to guide a reinforcement learning algorithm?

I have just started to study reinforcement learning and, as far as I understand, existing algorithms search for the optimal solution/policy, but do not allow the possibility for the programmer to ...
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How can active learning be used in the case of complex models that require a lot of data?

We have a series of data and we want to label the parts of each series. As we do not have any training data, we could try to use active learning as a solution, but the problem is that our classifier ...
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Could an AI be built to learn based of interaction with a human?

A neural network is usually programmed to learn from datasets to solve a specific problem. Essentially, they perform non-linear regression. Could a neural network be programmed to receive input from a ...
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