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Questions tagged [ai-development]

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What is the Need for AI Developers since we have AI APIs Now?

I am new to AI and passionate about it. I have a fair knowledge of deep learning and I am into computer vision. I am eyeing NLP as well. I just want to know the need for an AI developer in computer ...
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How to train a model to predict the number of people at a certain bus stop before they cumulate in large numbers?

Each person probably uses an app that tracks his/her position periodically and sends it to our servers. What I want is to use these data to train a model to predict the rush hours of each bus-stop on ...
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Ways to keep up with the latest developments in Machine Learning and AI?

With over 100 papers published in the area of artificial intelligence, machine learning and their subfields every day (source), accounting for ~3% of all publications world wide per year (source) and ...
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After a model has been trained, how do I use it to address the real-world problems?

I understand the way we build and train a model, but all of the online courses I've found end with this. I can't find any course explaining the process of utilizing the trained model to address the ...
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