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Como montar uma UI para um App ou Sistema Web usando a I.A? E qual I.A usar?

Li que a IA pode ser usada para criar design UI. Como ela pode criar grades. Desenhe botões/texto/caixas/bordas/estilos. Escolha esquemas de cores. Siga o Princípio CRAP (Contraste, Repetição, ...
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Is AI just a bunch of library functions?

Recently, I began reading more about AI and took a few basic courses to learn the basics of how it works. I also started a few projects involving AI, but get bored very quickly. To me, it feels like ...
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What other Machine Learning techniques other than Neural Networks are there?

I know that there are three types of machine learning algorithms, supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning, and that often neural networks are used to implement them. However, neural ...
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Does rule-based image processing count as AI?

I'm quite new to the field of AI and I currently find it hard to precisely inclose the broad field of AI. Especially the aspect of image processing isn't quite clear to me. So far I've done rule-based ...
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Is the Machine Learning community going against Occam's razor?

I have been using ML models, for a couple of years, but I am actually in the neuroscience field. In it, mathematical models try to assume the smaller number of things and make hypothesis as simple as ...
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Which computer scientists have received the Turing Award specifically for their contributions to Artificial Intelligence?

Many people have heard of Hinton, Bengio, and LeCun in recent years, given the popularity of deep learning and neural networks, and their contributions to this subfield of Artificial Intelligence. For ...
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How much statistics is involved in AI?

I am a 3rd-year math major, who is interested in computer science, particularly algorithms and competitive programming (did some olympiads in high school, ACM ICPC in university, etc.), and I have ...
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Is case-based reasoning a machine learning technique?

A few years ago when I was in university, I had implemented (for my final year project) an Itinerary Planning System, which incorporates an AI technique called "case-based reasoning". Is ...
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Why is depth-first search an artificial intelligence algorithm?

I'm new to the artificial intelligence field. In our first chapters, there is one topic called "problem-solving by searching". After searching for it on the internet, I found the depth-first ...
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Which fields of AI are actively researching consciousness?

Max Tegmark discusses the topic of consciousness in his book Life 3.0 and comes to the conclusion, that consciousness is substrate independent. If his analysis is correct, it should be possible to ...
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How to find AI specialists interested in additive Manufacturing [closed]

We recently founded a company in the area of additive manufacturing. Our development focuses on making the process easier and liberate time to the user, which I personally believe in as the ultimate ...
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Which field to study to learn & create a.i generated simulations?

I wasn't sure how to title this question so pardon me please. You may have seen at least one video of those "INSANE A.I created simulation of {X} doing {Y & Z} like the following ones: A.I ...
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If expert systems are a bunch of if-then-else statements, then how are they termed as AI?

An artificial intelligence (AI) is often defined as something that can learn over time and can imitate human behaviors. If an Expert system (e.g. MYCIN) that only involves if-then-else statements ...
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What is the name of an AI system that learns by trial and error?

Imagine a system that controls dampers in a complex vent system that has an objective to perfectly equalize the output from each vent. The system has sensors for damper position, flow at various ...
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What is artificial intelligence?

What is the definition of artificial intelligence?
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What noteworthy contributions have Chinese AI researchers made in the field of artificial intelligence?

In recent years, China has made rapid progress in manufacturing and scientific research, as evidenced by their successful teleportation of a single quantum entangled photon to a satellite in orbit. My ...
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Why spend so much time and money to build AIs to play games?

I was reading about John McCarthy and his orthodox vision of Artificial Intelligence. To me, it seems like he was not very much in favour of resources (like time and money) being used to make AIs play ...
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How can one distinguish between an AI and a "sufficiently advanced algorithm"?

Any sufficiently advanced algorithm is indistinguishable from AI.---Michael Paulukonis According to What are the minimum requirements to call something AI?, there are certain requirements that a ...
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When did Artificial Intelligence research first start?

When did research into Artificial Intelligence first begin? Was it called Artificial Intelligence then or was there another name?
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What is the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning?

These two terms seem to be related, especially in their application in computer science and software engineering. Is one a subset of another? Is one a tool used to build a system for the other? What ...
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