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For general questions about the field of AI. Academic, industry, etc.

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What is the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning?

These two terms seem to be related, especially in their application in computer science and software engineering. Is one a subset of another? Is one a tool used to build a system for the other? What ...
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What is artificial intelligence?

What is the definition of artificial intelligence?
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If expert systems are a bunch of if-then-else statements, then how are they termed as AI?

An artificial intelligence (AI) is often defined as something that can learn over time and can imitate human behaviors. If an Expert system (e.g. MYCIN) that only involves if-then-else statements ...
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How can one distinguish between an AI and a "sufficiently advanced algorithm"?

Any sufficiently advanced algorithm is indistinguishable from AI.---Michael Paulukonis According to What are the minimum requirements to call something AI?, there are certain requirements that a ...
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