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Questions tagged [ai-safety]

For questions regarding various parameters/methods of implementation/improvement/analyzing the safety of an Artificially Intelligent algorithm. A typical real world example is autonomous vehicles.

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Does Rice's theorem prove safe AI is undecidable?

According to Wikipedia In computability theory, Rice's theorem states that all non-trivial, semantic properties of programs are undecidable. A semantic property is one about the program's ...
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What are the main arguments predicting a Soft Takeoff vs Hard Takeoff scenario and viceversa?

Here I am referring to the term AI Takeoff as described here on LessWrong, with annexed "Soft" and "Hard" takeoff definitions. I find that page to be biased slightly more towards ...
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Has there been an instance of an AI agent breaking out of its sandbox?

There have been instances of agents using edge cases like bugs in physics engines, repetitive behavior in games or word repetition in text prediction to cheat their reward function. However, these ...
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Are the existential dangers of AI exaggerated?

I understand some of the inherent dangers involved with AGI and advanced machine learning. While I can see some of the more low-level risks associated with AI coming to fruition (deep-fakes, biased ...
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To what level of abstraction must fully automated vehicles build their driving model before safety can be maximized?

There are several levels of abstraction involved in piloting and driving. Signals representing the state of the vehicle and its environment originating from multiple transducers1 Latched sample ...
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