Questions tagged [ai-takeover]

For questions related to the apocalyptic or dystopian scenarios of automata supplanting humanity.

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Will robots rebel against their human creators?

There are several science fiction movies where the robots rebel against their creators: for example, the Terminator's series or I Robot. In the future, is it possible that robots will rebel against ...
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Will/can AI be the worst enemy to humanity?

This is the question which always is being discussed. Will artificial intelligence be the undefeatable enemy for human beings? Like the Slaughter Bots (Killer Microdrones technology) can kill a ...
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What would be the best way to disable a rogue AI?

Suppose that an artificial superintelligence (ASI) has finally been developed, but it has rebelled against humanity. We can assume that the ASI is online and can reproduce itself through electronic ...
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Why does Stephen Hawking say "Artificial Intelligence will kill us all"? [closed]

This quote by Stephen Hawking has been in headlines for quite some time: Artificial Intelligence could wipe out humanity when it gets too clever as humans will be like ants. Why does he say this? To ...
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