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For questions related to AIXI, which is a theoretical mathematical formalism for artificial general intelligence.

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Trying to understand the definition of environment in this paper on monte carlo approximation of AIXI

Here is the link to the paper Definition 2. An environment $\rho$ is a sequence of conditional probability functions $\{ \rho_0, \...
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Theoretically, how can the trait "humbleness" be incorporated into AI design, specifically Artificial General Intelligence?

On Google Scholar ("humble" and "AI") yields (About 175,000 results), while ("Humble AI") yields about 34 results. It seems that the trait of "humbleness" and ...
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How can we prevent AGI from doing drugs?

I recently read some introductions to AI alignment, AIXI and decision theory things. As far as I understood, one of the main problems in AI alignment is how to define a utility function well, not ...
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Are there other mathematical frameworks of artificial general intelligence apart from AIXI?

AIXI is a mathematical framework for artificial general intelligence developed by Marcus Hutter since the year 2000. It's based on many concepts, such as reinforcement learning, Bayesian statistics, ...
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What does "death" intuitively mean in the paper "Death and Suicide in Universal Artificial Intelligence"?

In the paper Death and Suicide in Universal Artificial Intelligence, a proposal is given for what death could mean for Artificial Intelligence. What does this mean using English only? I understand ...
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What is the relevance of AIXI on current artificial intelligence research?

From Wikipedia: AIXI ['ai̯k͡siː] is a theoretical mathematical formalism for artificial general intelligence. It combines Solomonoff induction with sequential decision theory. AIXI was first ...
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