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For questions about algorithm's that exhibit characteristics of intelligence, or are critical components in systems that exhibit intelligence, and problem-solving and goal-based algorithms in general.

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Why does the discount rate in the REINFORCE algorithm appear twice?

I was reading the book Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction by Richard S. Sutton and Andrew G. Barto (complete draft, November 5, 2017). On page 271, the pseudo-code for the episodic Monte-Carlo ...
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What are the differences between A* and greedy best-first search?

What are the differences between the A* algorithm and the greedy best-first search algorithm? Which one should I use? Which algorithm is the better one, and why?
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Use of machine learning for analyzing companies enlisted in stock market

Can current trends and tools, in the field of machine learning, replicate the complexity of financial market? If yes, then what are the tools available in this domain. Q. I am trying to build a model ...
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Algorithm that creates new images based on other images

Are there any open sourced algorithms that can take a couple of images as an input and generate a new, similar image based on that input? Or are there any resources where I can learn to create such an ...
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Ideas on how to make a neural net learn how to split sequence into sub sequences

How can I train a neural network to recognize sub-sequences in a sequence flow? For example: Given the sequence 111100002222 as an input sample from a stream, the neural network would recognize that ...
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Is a very powerful oracle sufficient to trigger the AI singularity?

Lets say we have a oracle $S$ that, given any function $F$ and desired output $y$, can find an input $x$ that causes $F$ to output $y$ if it exists, or otherwise returns nil. I.e.: $$S(F, y) = x \...
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How to store datasets of lexical connections?

I'm investigating the possibility of storing the semantic-lexical connections (such as the relationships to the other words such as phrases and other dependencies, its strength, part of speech, ...
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In RL, if I assign the rewards for better positional play, the algorithm is learning nothing?

I'm creating an RL application for the game Connect Four. If I tell the algorithm which moves/token positions will receive greater rewards, surely it's not actually learning anything; it's just a ...
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How to design a NLP algorithm to find a food item in menu card list?

I am new to NLP and AI in general. I am just expecting springboard information so that I can skip all the introduction to NLP websites. I have just started studying NLP and want to know how to go ...
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