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For questions about DeepMind's AlphaFold 1 and AlphaFold 2. AlphaFold 1 is described in the paper "Improved protein structure prediction using potentials from deep learning" (Nature volume 577, pages 706–710(2020)).

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How many layers do GPT-3, AlphaFold 2, and DALL-E 2 have?

Unsuccessfully, I tried to find out the "depth" (definition below) in large neural networks such as GPT-3, AlphaFold 2, and DALL-E 2. Formally, my question is about their computational graph:...
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How reliable is Alphafold2 for folding random-coil peptide

I have a peptide X of length 50aa. Alphafold2 predicted the structure which takes a helix form and with high average pLDDT score (>90). But during actual experiment (e.g. crystallography, ...
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What kind of deep learning model does latest version of AlphaFold use for protein folding problem?

I understand there are multiple versions used in AlphaFold. What kind of deep learning model does the more advanced version use? CNN, RNN, or something else? (Additionally, is there an open-source ...
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Can AlphaFold predict proteins with metals well?

There are certain proteins that contain metal components, known as metalloproteins. Commonly, the metal is at the active site which needs the most prediction precision. Typically, there is only one (...
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Is AlphaFold just making a good estimate of the protein structure?

In the news, DeepMind's AlphaFold is said to have solved the protein folding problem using neural networks, but isn't this a problem only optimised quantum computers can solve? To my limited ...
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