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For questions related to AlphaGo Zero, which is a version of DeepMind's Go software, AlphaGo, that does not use data from human games and it is stronger than AlphaGo. There is a generalized version of AlphaGo Zero called AlphaZero, which beat the 3-day version of AlphaGo Zero by winning 60 games to 40. AlphaGo Zero was introduced in the paper "Mastering the game of Go without human knowledge" (2017) by David Silver et al.

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Why is the merged neural network of AlphaGo Zero more efficient than two separate neural networks?

AlphaGo Zero contains several improvements compared to its predecessors. Architectural details of Alpha Go Zero can be seen in this cheat sheet. One of those improvements is using a single neural ...
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Would AlphaGo Zero become perfect with enough training time?

Would AlphaGo Zero become theoretically perfect with enough training time? If not, what would be the limiting factor? (By perfect, I mean it always wins the game if possible, even against another ...
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What is a "logit probability"?

DeepMind's paper "Mastering the game of Go without human knowledge" states in its "Methods" section on its "Neural network architecture" that the output layer of AlphaGo Zero's policy head is "A fully ...
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How does policy network learn in AlphaZero?

I'm currently trying to understand how AlphaZero works. There is one thing with the training of the AlphaZero's policy head that confuses me. Basically, in AlphaGo Zero's paper (where the major part ...
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AlphaGo Zero: does $Q(s_t, a)$ dominate $U(s_t, a)$ in difficult game states?

AlphaGo Zero AlphaGo Zero uses a Monte-Carlo Tree Search where the selection phase is governed by $\operatorname*{argmax}\limits_a\left( Q(s_t, a) + U(s_t, a) \right)$, where: the exploitation ...
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What is the input to AlphaGo's neural network?

I have been reading an article on AlphaGo and one sentence confused me a little bit, because I'm not sure what it exactly means. The article says: AlphaGo Zero only uses the black and white stones ...
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Does AlphaGo play random moves in a real competition?

Alphago and AlphaGo zero use random play to generate data and use the data to train DNN. "Random play" means that there is a positive probability for AlphaGo to play some suboptimal moves ...
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