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For questions related to AlphaGo Zero, which is a version of DeepMind's Go software, AlphaGo, that does not use data from human games and it is stronger than AlphaGo. There is a generalized version of AlphaGo Zero called AlphaZero, which beat the 3-day version of AlphaGo Zero by winning 60 games to 40. AlphaGo Zero was introduced in the paper "Mastering the game of Go without human knowledge" (2017) by David Silver et al.

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How is the rollout from the MCTS implemented in both of the AlphaGo Zero and the AlphaZero algorithms?

In the vanilla Monte Carlo tree search (MCTS) implementation, the rollout is usually implemented following a uniform random policy, that is, it takes random actions until the game is finished and only ...
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AlphaGo Zero: Does the policy head give a probability for every possible move?

If I understood correctly, the AlphaGo Zero network returns two values: a vector of logit probabilities p and a value v. My question is: in this vector that it is outputted, do we have a probability ...
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Alphazero Value loss doesn't decrease

Currenly I'm trying to reimplement alphazero in pure c++ using libtorch to accomodate my project's need. But when I training my model, I found out that the value loss doesn't decrese at all after even ...
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When do we use the neural network to predict value during the expansion stage of MCTS in the AlphaZero algorithm?

According to what I understand from the AlphaZero algorithm, a neural network is used to set value and prior probability for a node during the expansion stage of MCTS. On the other hand, according to ...
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Is there a way to beat AlphaGo Zero with different method?

As I read the research from It seem AlphagoZero use zero knowledge and use Reinforcement learning to improve the ai skill of playing. Is there a way to beat AlphagoZero? ...
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How does (or should) AlphaGoZero (which does chess) fare against Deep Blue?

Deep blue is good at chess, but is more "hand-coded" or "top-down". AlphaGoZero is "self-taught", and at Go is very much super-human. https://...
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