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Questions tagged [approximation-error]

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Do Neural Networks tend to have Zero Mean Errors in each Output?

My NN (a few linear layers with ReLUs + batch normalization, no activation in the last layer) learns to approximate vector-valued labels $y_z$ from data $z\sim\rho_z$ in a supervised way, i.e. net$(z)=...
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Characterize the high probability bound for learning algorithm

Suppose we have a dataset $S = (x_1, \dots x_n)$ drawn i.i.d from distribution $D$, a learning algorithm $A$ and error function $err$. The performance of $A$ is therefore defined by the error/...
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What's the difference between estimation and approximation error?

I'm unable to find online, or understand from context - the difference between estimation error and approximation error in the context of machine learning (and, specifically, reinforcement learning). ...
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