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For questions related to the concept of creativity in the context of artificial intelligence. An example of a possible question could be "How can we measure the creativity of AI agents?".

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Is artificial intelligence really just human intelligence?

Essentially, AI is created by human minds, so is the intelligence & creativity of algorithms properly an extension of human intelligence & creativity, rather than something independent? I ...
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Will the AI be able to formulate scientific principles or theories missed by humans in the future?

I do not know at all how AI works. After checking out the first open AI system available to the public, ChatGPT, I am curious whether systems like this could contribute to scientific theory in the ...
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Are current AI models sufficient to achieve Artificial General Intelligence?

I read an interesting essay about how far we are from AGI. There were quite a few solid points that made me re-visit the foundation of AI today. A few interesting concepts arose: imagine that you ...
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How can you simulate level of curiosity for a chatbot?

I'd like to know more about implementing emotional intelligence. Given I'm implementing a chatbot and I'd like to introduce the levels of curiosity to measure whether user text input is interesting or ...
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What sort of out-of-the-box technology could be used to create work similar to artist Refik Anadol? [closed]

Refik Anadol has machines view actual pictures and then has the machine create its own images. This video shows some of the stuff he does. What kind of out-of-the-box tools (e.g. a Python package) or ...
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Using DCGAN on a (very small) dataset of art

I am developing a DCGAN using the this tutorial in PyCharm. As my usage of this tutorial suggests, I am quite new to DCGANs as I've previously only had a few experiences with machine learning ...
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Is there any system that generates website designs?

I was thinking about what I can do for my thesis in upcoming academic semester, and I came across an idea. The idea is like: "If there is any kind of system that generates website designs itself." If ...
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What approaches are there to generate complex structures like syntactic trees?

What approaches are there to generate and evaluate complex structures like, let's say, syntactically correct code? I know the approach of Genetic Programming (GP) as a type of Evolutionary Algorithm, ...
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