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Questions tagged [artificial-curiosity]

For questions related to the concept of curiosity in the context of artificial intelligence. An example of a possible question that could be tagged with this tag is "Which approaches are there to implement in AI systems what we often call 'curiosity'"? Another question could be "How can we define the concept of curiosity for AI systems?".

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0 votes
1 answer

Could AlphaZero be trained to prefer "beautiful" games?

Could a version of AlphaZero be trained that learned not only how to win, but how to win in a "beautiful" way? Jurgen Schmidhuber wrote a paper in 2008, which basically models "beauty&...
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Calculating Curiosity with Friston's Free Energy in Reinforcement Learning

I'm trying to implement the paper A Curiosity Algorithm for Robots Based on the Free Energy Principle in a reinforcement learning environment using PyTorch, but I am unclear how curiosity is ...
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15 votes
2 answers

Why is reinforcement learning not the answer to AGI?

I previously asked a question about How can an AI freely make decisions?. I got a great answer about how current algorithms lack agency. The first thing I thought of was reinforcement learning, since ...
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5 answers

Could curiosity improve artificial intelligence?

While thinking about AI, this question came into my mind. Could curiosity help in developing a true AI? According to this website (for testing creativity): Curiosity in this context refers to ...
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How can you simulate level of curiosity for a chatbot?

I'd like to know more about implementing emotional intelligence. Given I'm implementing a chatbot and I'd like to introduce the levels of curiosity to measure whether user text input is interesting or ...
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