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For question about artificial systems that exhibit the behavioral characteristics of natural living systems.

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Is it possible that the fittest individuals in an Artificial Life population may be successful by not actively pursuing the rules of the environment?

I'm trying to understand Artificial Life (e.g. here for a simple background) in Computational Evolution. I understand that in this set of methods, you set up a dynamic environment (e.g. the ecology of ...
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Is it possible to perform neuroevolution without a fitness function?

My question is about neuroevolution (genetic algorithm + neural network): I want to create artificial life by evolving agents. But instead of relying on a fitness function, I would like to have the ...
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Artificial life simulator that is fully embodied and passes open endedness tests

Geb is an alife simulation that as far as I know passes all of the tests we have tried to come up with in defining open endedness. However, when you actually run the code, the behavioral complexity ...
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Why is the status of artificial life software so under-developed?

I'm interested in self replicating artificial life (with many agents), so after reviewing the literature with the excellent Kinematic Self-Replicating Machines I started looking for software ...
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Can we use the Tierra approach to optimize machine code?

Thomas Ray's Tierra is a computer program which simulates life. In the linked paper, he argues how this simulation may have real-world applications, showing how his digital organisms (computer ...
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Has the spontaneous emergence of replicators been modeled in Artificial Life?

One of the cornerstones of The Selfish Gene (Dawkins) is the spontaneous emergence of replicators, i.e. molecules capable of replicating themselves. Has this been modeled in silico in open-ended ...
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Is artificial life really life or not?

I define Artificial Life as a "simulation" or "copy" of life. However, should it be considered a simulation or copy? If one had motivation and money, someone could theoretically ...
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