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Use for questions related to automation. (All automation may be said to be a function of applied intelligence--or algorithms.) Suitable for questions on industrial automation, autonomous vehicles, autonomous weapons systems, etc., and may also be extended to virtual automation, such as automated trading systems, etc.

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Are simple animal snares and traps a form of automation? Of computation?

I'm trying to understand the relationship of humans and automation, historically and culturally. I ask because the waterclock is generally considered the earliest form of automation, but snares and ...
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Why aren't 3d printers and robotic arms already used to create the first versions of self-replicating machines?

The ability to create self-replicating machines can give some very useful benefits. So what is the problem with creating this type of stuff? Let's say we have two pieces of equipment - 3d printers and ...
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Why not go another layer deeper with Auto-AutoML?

So I'm finding AutoML to be pretty interesting but I'm still learning how it all works. I've played with the incredibly broken AutoKeras and got some decent results. The question is, if you are using ...
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Extracting referenced documents

I'm looking to write an AI that will be able to extract in text references from standards documents to assist human research. My use case is extracting the identifying numbers, for example, "AR 25-2",...
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What functionality, does control look like in autonomous vehicles levels 4 and 5? [closed]

We are doing a research design project on autonomous vehicles and have some questions on AV Levels 4/5; specifically on the roles, impacts and consequences of AV on society, government, users and ...
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Can AutoKeras be used for neural networks of PyTorch

I use PyTorch, bauces AllenNLP is built on it and good libraries are for it. But can AutoKeras be used for PyTorch based ML pipelines, or am I required to switch to Keras? Google is quite silent when ...
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Algorithm which learns to select from proposed options

My goal is to write a program that automatically selects a routing out of multiple proposed options. The data consists out of the multiple proposed options with each the attributes time, costs and ...
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Detecting abnormalities in x-rays while taking into account demographics of a patient -automated

This is my first post so please forgive me for any mistakes. I am working on an object detection algorithm that can detect abnormalities in an x-ray. As a prototype, I will be using yolov3 (more ...
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Automation the import of files to Database

I don't know if this it's possible but nowadays as almost everything is possible I am asking to see if anyone has any idea. The problem is: Regularly I have to import files (CSV, XML, Excel, ...) to ...
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What were the criticisms of the BACON algorithm?

The BACON algorithm, introduced by Pat Langley and Herbert Simon etc. were meant to automate scientific discovery -- producing causal explanation to variations in given data. It was found, in ...
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Will/can AI be the worst enemy to humanity?

This is the question which always is being discussed. Will artificial intelligence be the undefeatable enemy for human beings? Like the Slaughter Bots (Killer Microdrones technology) can kill a ...
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How do I generate video classification labels using video descriptions/titles?

I've been scanning the internet for ways to generate baseball-based labels for youtube baseball videos using text collected from a YT video's description, title, and top 50 titles, but so far, I have ...
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