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For questions related to the concept of bag-of-features (also known as bag-of-visual-words), which is a way of representing the features of images in a fixed-size vector.

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Why does alphago only go to 19 numbers and 19 alphabet letter and not 26 numbers and 26 alphabet letters? Alphago max version?

I was just looking at alpha go videos on youtube that google deep mind sent me and was wondering on the versioning board and it reminded me of a more advanced version of chess game on windows ...
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On learning to rank tasks. Could it be that the input of the Siamese network is a vector, or should it be exclusively raw text?

I'm developing a method to document and query representation as concept vectors (bag-of-concepts). I want to train a machine learning model on ranking (learning to rank a task). So I have document ...
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What are bag-of-features in computer vision?

In computer vision, what are bag-of-features (also known as bag-of-visual-words)? How do they work? What can they be used for? How are they related to the bag-of-words model in NLP?
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Does the bag-of-visual-words method improve the classification accuracy?

I'm a beginner in computer vision. I want to know which option among the following two can get better accuracy of image classification. SIFT features + SVM Bag-of-visual-words features + SVM Here's ...
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