Questions tagged [bayesian-deep-learning]

For questions related to Bayesian deep learning, that is, Bayesian techniques applied to deep learning models (i.e. neural networks).

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How can supervised learning be viewed as a conditional probability of the labels given the inputs?

In the literature and textbooks, one often sees supervised learning expressed as a conditional probability, e.g., $$\rho(\vec{y}|\vec{x},\vec{\theta})$$ where $\vec{\theta}$ denotes a learned set of ...
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How can a machine learning problem be reduced as a communication problem?

I once heard that the problem of approximating an unknown function can be modeled as a communication problem. How is this possible?
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Why do CNN's sometimes make highly confident mistakes, and how can one combat this problem?

I trained a simple CNN on the MNIST database of handwritten digits to 99% accuracy. I'm feeding in a bunch of handwritten digits, and non-digits from a document. I want the CNN to report errors, so I ...
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How should the neural network deal with unexpected inputs?

I recently wrote an application using a deep learning model designed to classify inputs. There are plenty of examples of this using images of irises, cats, and other objects. If I trained a data ...
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Why is my Keras prediction always close to 100% for one image class?

I am using Keras (on top of TF 2.3) to train an image classifier. In some cases I have more than two classes, but often there are just two classes (either "good" or "bad"). I am ...
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