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Questions tagged [bayesian-inference]

For questions related to Bayesian inference in the context of artificial intelligence.

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Uncertainty quantification in LLMs [closed]

I asked ChatGPT 'how certain you are to your answer to my previous question' after I asked it some question, and it replied me the following: 'As an AI developed by OpenAI, I provide information based ...
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Neural Network Learning algorithms invariant to input order

Is there some work that investigates how to train neural networks s.t. they approximately yield the same weights regardless of in what order they are presented with training samples from the dataset? ...
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Why optimise log p(x) rather than log p(x|z) in a Variational AutoEncoder?

Background The loss function in a Variational AutoEncoder is the Evidence Lower Bound (ELBO): $\mathbb{E}_q[log$ $p(x|z)] - KL[q(z)||p(z)]$ And has this inequality: $log$ $p(x) \ge \mathbb{E}_q[log$ $...
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Is there an entry level textbook on Bayesian Inference that is a nice blend of theory and applications?

I am looking for a textbook that is a nice entry level to Bayesian Inference. I was hoping that there is a nice blend of theory and applications (data sets) on how concepts are applied. Programming ...
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What Constitutes Messages in Junction Tree Algorithm?

I'm currently studying the Junction Tree Algorithm: I'm referring to the process of transforming a Bayesian Network into a Junction Tree in order to apply inference. I understand how you build the ...
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Does the Bayesian MAP give a probability distribution over unseen t*?

I'm working my way through the Bayesian world. So far, I've understood that the MLE or the MPA are point estimates, therefore using such models just output one specific value and not a distribution. ...
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How to perform structure learning for Bayesian network given already partially constructed Bayesian network?

Let's assume that we have a dataset of variables (random events)I apriori would like to set dependency conditions between some of them and perform structure learning to figure out the rest of the ...
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Can Bayesian inference be combined with knowledge-based systems?

I've been struggling with the connection between knowledge-based AI systems and Bayesian inference for a while now. While I continue to sweep through the literature, I would be happy if someone can ...
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