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Why are separate, bigger Encoder-Decoder architectures used instead of Bidirectional RNNs/Transformers for Seq2Seq tasks?

Whether with RNNs or Transformers, Encoder-Decoder networks are used for Sequence to Sequence (Seq2Seq) tasks, like Machine Translation. Why are separate, bigger Encoder-Decoder networks used for this ...
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What is all necessary types of data for a bidirectional RNN to learn embeddings?

Bidirectional RNNs are used for generating the semantic vectors of the text at the sentence level and word level. In order to train a CNN for the classification tasks, images, and labels/outputs are ...
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Do bi-directional RNNs necessarily use 100% teacher forcing?

I typically think of teacher forcing as optional when training an RNN. We may either: use the output of time-step $t$ as the input to time-step $t+1$ use the $(t+1)$th input as the input to time-...
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Do Seq2Seq models and the Bidirectional RNN do the same thing?

It seems to me that Seq2Seq models and Bidirectional RNNs try to do the same thing. Is that true? Also, when would you recommend one setup over another?