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Questions tagged [black-box]

For questions related to the "black box" nature of certain kinds of machine learning, where the internal decision making process is unknown.

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Optimizing a blackbox function with binary states

I have a non-linear black box function, which inputs a vector(size=250) and outputs a scalar value; f(x) = value. The x variable is a vector of size 250 and has ...
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Alternatives to Bayesian optimization

I am given a dataset $\mathcal{D} = \{\mathbf{x}_i\}_{i=1}^n$ and I need to find the point (in my case a material) $\mathbf{x}^*$ that maximizes a property $y$ (which can be obtained from a black-box ...
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What exactly is the AI explainability problem?

I am pretty new to AI and have recently been paying attention to AI explainability and the fact that it remains a hurdle within the path of commercializing certain AI systems in health for instance. I ...
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What exactly is an interpretable machine learning model?

From this page in Interpretable-ml book and this article on Analytics Vidhya, it means to know what has happened inside an ML model to arrive at the result/prediction/conclusion. In linear regression, ...
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Black Box Explanations: Using LIME and SHAP in python

Recently, I came across the paper Robust and Stable Black Box Explanations, which discusses a nice framework for global model-agnostic explanations. I was thinking to recreate the experiments ...
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