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For questions about "bottlenecks" in dimensional reduction, typically in reference to Artificial Neural Networks and Autoencoders.

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What does it mean by bottleneck and representational bottleneck in feedforward neural networks?

Consider the following paragraph from section 2: General Design Principles of the research paper titled Rethinking the Inception Architecture for Computer Vision ...
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Autoencoder: predictions missing for nodes in the bottleneck layer

I'm using tf.Keras to build a deep-fully connected autoencoder. My input dataset is a dataframe with shape (19947,), and the purpose of the autoencoder is to predict normalized gene expression values. ...
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Does bottleneck size matter in Disentangled Variational Autoencoders?

I suppose that picking an appropriate size for the bottleneck in Autoencoders is neither a trivial nor an intuitive task. After watching this video about VAEs, I've been wondering: Do disentangled ...
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What are "bottlenecks" in neural networks?

What are "bottlenecks" in the context of neural networks? This term is mentioned, for example, in this TensorFlow article, which also uses the term "bottleneck values". How does ...
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What are bottleneck features?

In the blog post Building powerful image classification models using very little data, bottleneck features are mentioned. What are the bottleneck features? Do they change with the architecture that is ...